The land of Weqsertanc may or may not be a myth.  According to legend, there was a land known as Weqsertanc near what is now Myork.  Humans dwelt in this land and lived in the service of the titans.  Learning from the titans, these people excelled and proved themselves to be extremely powerful in all styles of magic.  What happened to Weqsertanc and why is not known.

Legends tell of a great earthquake that shook the entire continent.  When the shaking finally stopped, Weqsertanc had fallen into the Anglic Strait and the land of Vennurdoba slipped into its strange valley of timelessness.  The reason for the earthquake is most often given as the titans lashing out at the people of Weqsertanc before they became a threat to titan dominance.  Earth elementalists believe that movement of the earth forces caused the quake, but whether this was natural or titan induced cannot be proven.

The legends of Weqsertanc lead into two explanations of current cultures.  First, the Angles rely on the power of the horse, not on the sea, despite the fact that they are a coastal city.  If Weqsertanc had at one time been the seaport, the Angles would have been a people of the plains.  They have only been learning to control the sea in more recent history.  Secondly, the founders of Rimmim have never truly been explained.  Various legends have them coming from Chulme or the Great Archipelago or from Weqsertanc. Weqsertanc, had it existed, would have had sea-going mages, exactly the type of people who founded Rimmim.

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