Though it is seldom used, the name of the Wembic capital city is UilenMardragauh.  The Wembic orcs simple refer to it as “the capital”, and few would recognize its true name.  Originally a dwarven city founded around a gold mine, the orcs conquered the city more than a thousand years ago.  The orcs have long since depleted the gold within the mountain, but the fortifications and living space have made this a worthwhile site.

Just as the city has an unused name, so does the section of the city containing the palace.  Though its true name is Fryentred, most orcs will call it the palace or Baratock’s.  Despite the orcish manner of simplifying the names of places, map makers insist on naming things on their maps.  Human maps will typically contain the “official” names of these locations despite the fact that they would confuse any local.  Other sections of the city have long lost names as well.  They are currently referred to by the names of the military unit that is charged with its protection.

The capital is carved into a series of three peaks and has numerous entrances.  Despite rumors, the entire city is not “underground”.  Most of the larger living spaces are built on plateaus, most of which have been expanded by skilled miners and stonecutters.

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