A new city growing in the Broiling Mountains.  What started as an efreeti village has been expanded by an alliance with a clan of hecheires and a clan of cyclopes.  These three groups decided to join together to makes superior weapons.  The efreetis (inside the mountain/volcano at an open stream of lava) are the metal smelters.  The hecheires craft these high quality metals into weapons, and the cyclopes enchant the weapons with “dwarven enchantments”.  These three groups have hired the troll clan Move Mountain to build them a city.  (Move Mountain is a clan of builders and uses a large number of grumach).  This city (still in progress) is referred to as Weapon Town.

Only troll sized weapons are being crafted, so any of the large troll races or giants can use them, but the humans and orcs (who are mistrusted) cannot.  Armor is only crafted for members of the three controlling groups.  The efreetis are trying to build lava suits that will allow them to leave the lava pits and explore the world more.  It is sales to the other troll clans that makes them all the money.  Obviously this is an issue in that the southern troll clans are now being armed with superior and in some cases magical weapons.

The city “walls” are actually the native rock of the mountain cut into sheer cliff faces.  No amount of battering will knock it down as it is the mountain itself.  Only mining or climbing would prove effective.  Siege engines are set up for the defense of the town, with several of them fixed in place to attack the narrow roads that switch back to reach the town’s main gate.

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