Though they wish to be known as the Warriors of the Faith, they are most frequently called the cult of Horroag.  Around 610, a group of enterprising mercenaries decided to start their own unit.  They “recruited” children from orphanages and trained them for war.  As their band grew, they began taking bigger and bigger mercenary jobs.  Their internal history describes how they were founded by Horroag, god of war.  Furthermore, every mission they take is explained to the soldiers as a holy crusade taken due to holy messages that the leaders (“priests”) receive from Horroag.

Raised their whole lives within the cult, the soldiers are devout and will actively risk their lives pursuing the desires of their god, as told to them by his priests.  They fight with the confident belief that death in battle will send them straight to paradise.

Horroag is a dashing knight, but also a disciplined soldier.  He communicates mostly through dreams and visions sent to his priests.  In this fashion, they know about the evils of the enemies and preach these to the cult before every battle.  The Warriors of the Faith are trained to fight with sword (infantry) or spear (cavalry).  They all carry shields and wear armor.  They typically travel in large numbers (8-24), even when not on missions.  They will not hire out in units less than 15.

While there are several camps that move throughout the northern regions, the unit’s main temple is in Helatia.  In 645, a new temple was established in Villai, but it is still reasonably small.  The temples are the only two permanent bases of the religion.  The cult does have a secret fortress on an island south of Helatia.  Here they store religious artifacts and other war prizes.  This fortress is solidly built and well-defended.  Deep within its cellars are rumored to be some magical items of incredible power.

It must be stated that in the region where this cult/mercenary band is the strongest, they are worshiping a god of war that no one else follows or even fully believes in.  The followers of Manoto (the main war god of this region) as well as the followers of the War Twins (Manoto and his sister Shade seen as both being war gods) dislike the cult and see them as fools, rather than seeing them as blasphemous.  The more religious followers of Manoto are likely to at least avoid working with the cult if not outright refusing to work with them.

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