Wallwenter is a whaling town, with several whaling boats based out of its port.  Captain Bluthart was one of the captains of those boats and has risen to town magistrate.  Ian Yuris is the owner of three boats, but he is a bit of a recluse.  Having inherited the ships from his father, Ian travels to deal with buyers, but stays in his manor house on the cliffs most of the time.  He relies on Captain Bluthart to run the town and the commerce there.

Captain Bluthart is an imposing and intimidating man.  He stands 6’6” with broad shoulders and a heavily muscled build.  He ruled his ship through fear, and rules the town in the same fashion.  He makes it a point to be seen about town, almost always in his heavy, woolen seaman’s coat.  He wears a full beard with small touches of gray starting to peek through.  The citizens of Wallwenter do not live in constant fear of Captain Bluthart, but they would never dare cross him.  When he walks down the street, people simply get out of the way.  Fear of him is instilled in their lives, and they simply do as he asks out of habit.  They would not think to oppose him, nor deprive him of anything he might want.

There are several small fishing boats that operate out of Wallwenter.  These independent captains like to think they are free of Bluthart’s influence, but they are not.  Bluthart controls the town and everything in it, including the stores, the people, and the tax collectors.

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