Vonastog is the northernmost fortress of the Wembic Empire.  Currently under the authority of Prince Marblud, a cousin of the emperor’s, it has served as the scourge of the region.  From this strongly protected fortress, Marblud’s troops are able to raid as they please and then return to the safety of their mountain fort.  Though the orcs claim to have carved Vonastog for the express purpose of being a fortress, it was in fact a silver mine centuries ago when the dwarves inhabited this region.  The orcs have expanded it from its earlier purpose and housed about 600 troops.

Though Vonastog causes problems throughout the region, the humans in the area blame the Southern Point Citadel for the problems with the orcs.  The general belief is that had the Southern Point Citadel not provoked the orcs, none of this would have happened.  Unlike the citadel, Vonastog has successfully repelled each of the three major actions against it.

On a separate issue - It is strange that the dwarves would have mined silver here.  The silver is mixed with various other metals and ores here, including lead.  It is thought that perhaps the dwarves were after one of the other metals, and the silver was simply a benefit.  In any case, the orcs at Vonastog have used the silver and lead deposits to create “pewter” jewelry, but also to strengthen their walls against magic.  Amounts of lead (not necessarily pure) have been layered into the mortar and in some cases used to coat locks and other tools that might be vulnerable to magic.  Marblud keeps no mages in Vonastog because of this.

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