Vennurdoba lies on the southern coast of Hughijen.  Trapped between the sea and the Cruughen Cliffs, Vennurdoba is rumored to have been created when Weqsertanc was dropped into the ocean.  Cut off from all other lands, this “valley” is the only home of some strange creatures thought to be the earliest dragon forms.  These enormous and typically wingless drakes may have once roamed the world, but now they are confined to Vennurdoba.

While the jungles of Vennurdoba are indeed a fascinating eco-system, it is unlikely that they were created at the same time that Weqsertanc was lost.  Even if the legends of Weqsertanc are true, that land would have been destroyed around the year -300PH.  If that were true, it would assume that these ancient drakes were wandering Hughijen as recently as 2,500 years ago.  No other evidence supports this.  The implication therefore is that Vennurdoba was cut off from the rest of Hughijen millennia before the titans invented language.  Separating the destruction of Weqsertanc and the creation of Vennurdoba also allows for Weqsertanc to have been much farther west than Vennurdoba and closer to the present day site of Myork.

Vennurdoba is in fact a very small region. Triangle-shaped, it only takes up about 75 miles of coastline.  At it widest point, it only penetrates into Hughijen about 35 miles.  The Cruughen Cliffs separate the lower Vennurdoba from the rest of the continent.  While Vennurdoba is at sea level, the top of the cliffs can reach an elevation in excess of 3,500 feet.  The valley floor is a fertile jungle, and several rivers cascade down the cliffs. The coastline is dangerous to ships because of its jagged rocks and odd currents.  Although many have tried, no one has successfully climbed down the Cruughen Cliffs and returned to tell the tale.

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