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    A Call to Artists

    September 10, 2017 by Boardent

    We’re looking to showcase some up and coming artists.  Here’s the deal:  We’ll put one of your pieces of art on the cover and at least one of your pieces in the interior.  Cover could be B&W or color; interior will be B&W.  By B&W we mean inked, not pencil sketch.  We’ll also put a full page spotlight of your work - you can craft a pdf for us to import or just send 3-4 pieces of art and we’ll put something together with all your contacts.  We’ll make as big a deal out of you and your art as we can, in the blog, in the wiki, in the edition, etc.  We’ll try to get you as much notice as we can!

    So what are we looking for?  We’re looking for some professional level art, or really close to it.  This is art, so not everyone has the same beliefs.  We might …

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  • Boardent

    Spare Time

    August 3, 2017 by Boardent

    So last weekend, I was feeling pretty good.  I had The Hoof Wars of the Hasslem Plains aka All About Equines completed and therefore a little time on my hands.  So I did this.  I know, it's not that huge a project or anything, but it was a fun way to waste a couple of hours.

    It's already on the wall.  Some day I may take a wider shot.  That's my bar - where I typically GM these days.  A collection of all the souvenirs from my "world travels" are there - intentionally cluttering the walls.  It's a great place to play and to write!

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  • Boardent

    June 2017

    June 17, 2017 by Boardent

    I can't believe it's June already.  But that means that I must be working on our fifth edition of Small Bites, and I am!

    This month's theme is The Communist Clans of the Rock Cove aka All About Dwarves.

    As usual, we'll have the GM edition out to our patrons right around June 30 or July 1, and the World Walker edition out for everyone to see towards the middle of July.

    Have you seen Hoards and Other Treasures?  The World Walker edition is available for free online if you click this link.  The GM edition is open only to our patrons on Patreon, but you can become one of those by clicking here.  The GM version is twice the length and contains never before published content aimed at players, GMs, and world builders.

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  • Boardent


    June 17, 2017 by Boardent

    You know we're trying to ramp up your access to us and our access to you.  But what's the best way to do that?

    We're still pretty new to a lot of this social media stuff.  Maybe I shouldn't be intimidated about making youtube videos, but I don't have food equipment and I'm probably a lot older and uglier than most of you think.  So - not looking to reveal all of that!

    But we're willing to open up any form of dialog and interaction that will work for you folks.  Should we be doing videos?  message boards?  more bloging?  vloging?  bi-weekly online chats?

    We are looking to get to the point of actually running a game online, and I've been sniffing around a bunch og the different game hosting sites.  If you're interested (in any of this) sound of…

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  • Boardent

    Tell Us!!

    June 4, 2017 by Boardent

    I’ve been looking at the way we’ve done the first four issues, and I want to make sure you see us heading in the right direction.  This was never intended to be a magazine with “articles”, but was supposed to be more like a subscription box-like “loot crate”.  It was supposed to be a mixed “bag” of stuff that you would want to see.

    So we’ve got a few ways that we can go.

    1)  We could leave it exactly as is.  That’s easy, maybe too easy.

    2)  We could use “commentators”.  We’ve added a couple of commentators on articles on the wiki.  Before wikis existed, commentators was the way the Fletnern source book was going to be written.  We’d give a paragraph on the facts, and then have one or more commentators give their opinion.  This would effectively be the…

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