About 250 years ago, the knights of Myork amassed a treasure said to be the hoards of nine dragons or nine dragon families.  Though the treasure was never cataloged, it was said to be massive, taking three ships to hold it.  Because the knights did not want the treasure to attract the attention of other dragons who might attack in an effort to regain it, they filled three ships’ holds with it and sent it off to Brinston.  It has always been assumed that they intended to have the treasure converted into accounts from which they could draw the money to buy more weapons and other military supplies.

But the treasure never arrived.  Some blame the pirates that the treasure was sent with.  Why did the knights of Myork trust pirates to move this treasure?  Because they had the fastest and most feared ships on the open seas.  And because they sent St. Andrew Warhammer with them.  St. Andrew was known to be favored by the gods.  Here was a man that the pirates would not dare betray for fear of being cursed by the gods for the rest of their days.

Other rumors abound - Mysterious storms at sea; dragon ambushes; or betrayal by the Brinston merchants, the Rimmim Navy, or the other pirates of Caratok.  One of the more enjoyable rumors is that St. Andrew actually accomplished his mission - He effectively hid the treasure where only a few would know of its existence.  Countless treasure hunters have lost their fortunes and often their lives trying to locate the Treasure of the Nine Dragon, but to date, no one has shown proof of having even a part of the treasure.

One last rumor - The Treasure of the Nine Dragons was not treasure as people normally understand it.  What was on the three ships?  This rumor says not gold or jewels, but something else.  Perhaps three knights who held some secret on how to defeat the dragons.

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