A mine of historic note, Toemobett was a dwarven community until the Wembic orcs began to take over the Gold Mountains.  A major battle was fought in the mouth of the mine, with the dwarves succeeding in defending the site.  The orcs set fire to the mouth of the mine and caused a major cave-in that resulted in an avalanche that sealed the mine, and chased the surviving orcs all the way off the mountain.  Never realizing what they were so close to capturing, the orcs went on to the next dwarven community and continued their attacks.

Toemobett was one of the most successful diamond mines known to the dwarves.  With the orcish activities, the miners of Toemobett had not been able to move their wares to other dwarven settlements and had "buckets of diamond product".  With the mine buried by the orcs, the only maps showing where it lies are now considered state treasures of the Rocchiarian Nation in Rock Cove.  Deep in orcish territory, it seems unlikely that the dwarves will get the chance to recover the site.  If they could, the mine could be reopened and contains roughly 62 dwarf-years of mining product.

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