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PH = Pre-History

HR = Historic Record

D = Dark Age

P = Age of Peace



Year(s) Event
-3200PH Black dragons believed to have developed


-3000PH Titan civilization believed to have begun
-4800 -2559- -2497PH Black dragons move the Tower of Soot to Koaluckssie
-4800 -2550- -2500PH Demon War - Titans help to establish Dinsthain Pantheon
-4000 -1718PH First armed conflicts in the Titan Civil War
-3900 -1643PH Destruction of Baelyndit and creation of the Great Archipelago
-2600 -316PH Weqsertanc destroyed by earthquake
-2500 -260PH Founding of Rimmim
-2200 100HR Goblin Empire believed to have begun through raiding bands
-2200 180HR Founding of Selu Mantatu
-2100 285HR Founding of Chuhlme
-2000 310HR Great Temple of Nevyev built
-1700 ~690HR Founding of what is now UilenMardragauh as dwarven settlement
-1600 ~750HR Founding of a settlement which is now Dalavar
-1500 847HR Founding of Rock Cove (Dolindor)
-1500 877HR Founding of Helatia
-1400 ~925HR Garnock established as a Turgor outpost
-1400 941-944HR Elf War - Slyvanian elves vs. Aldar
-1400 965HR Founding of Purity
-1400 ~975HR Founding of Caratok
-1400 987-1098HR 110 Year War
-1300 1009-1053HR Goblin Empire Civil War
-1200 1126HR Founding of Brinston
-1200 1164HR Founding of Kainte Meurdenty School for Magic in Brinston
-1200 1173-1176HR Dragon Wars:  Angles vs. dragons
-1200 1184HR


Historical Record period ends when Penbrose Fallae writes A Time of Man
-1100 37D Myork founded at present site
-1000 132D Founding of Nanerette
-1000 197D Founding of Snobist
-1000 198D Elves release all slaves, including centaurs, minotaurs and satyrs
-900 242D Founding of Parnania
-800 304-313D Garnock Expansion War
-800 331D Cold War aka Barbarian Dwarf War
-700 419-423D Pirate Battles War
-700 429D Traigar founded (as a camp)
-700 442D Peace Movement (war)
-600 90P Founding of Scaret
-400 292P Barony of Forsbury founded
-200 460P Council of Baronies founded
-200 497P Founding of Rhum
626-627P Conquering War
655P May be the current year - but that's up to you!

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