The Triad is a group of three halfling city-states that have formed themselves into a unified government.  Together, they govern the majority of the territories inhabited by halflings.  The largest of the three is Thistledale with a population around 16,000.  Paquas is about three-fourths the size of Thistledale, and Rougnera is only half the size of Thistledale.  Despite the disparity in sizes, each city has a single vote in the representative government which meets in Paquas.

A Mayor and a group of Aldermen govern each city.  Each city then elects a Representative and an Ambassador.  The Representative votes for the city in Triad meetings, while the Ambassador handles more social events and negotiations.  Ambassadors travel the Triad quite extensively, lobbying the other cities’ Mayors and Representatives.

All elections are handled with “open voting”.  In the Triad’s open voting system, the candidates for an office stand on a platform, where the gathered citizens cheer for their favorite candidate.  This is often seen as mob rule, but the system does seem to work for them.

Thistledale is located in the southwestern region of the Triad.  Paquas is to the north.  Rougnera is a more eastern city.  The rural areas around these cities are densely covered in farms.  Those regions not suited to farming often hold pony ranches or shepherds.  The Triad of cities follows closely with the human Rhoric culture of Snobist and Rhum.

Each city is self-sufficient in that they produce enough food and goods to survive.  The Triad was mainly formed to unite the region under a central government who could be relied on to coordinate the military defense of the region.  Paquas has long provided the most skilled soldiers, and Thistledale and Rougnera wished to have their reputation for fierce warriors protecting their cities.  Paquas gains in that it can rely on having a large number of reinforcements should they ever be forced to contend with a large city-state such as Garnock.
Helatia Triad