Though known as The Academy, its proper name is the Academy of Mystical Arts and Physiological Sciences.  This name does go to show that this advanced school is more than just a school of magic.  To the Kentuldun (the deans and professors of the school), magic is important but only one of the mystic arts along with alchemy, anatomy and mentalism.  Their students, the Kenmildi, are encouraged to enroll in classes from all different aspects of these subjects and other sciences, both magical and mundane.

The Academy is known for two major things:  First, it is considered to be the only school where necromancy is taught openly.  (Not fully true, but true to an extent.)  Secondly, it is considered the only school in the world where magic and mentalism are both taught and will be taught together.  Despite this, most of the stories about the Academy revolve around conjured creatures that got free and rampaged through the school or the city.

The Academy is located in Dalavar and is the finest school in that great city of learning.  Being in that region, they do have many students who have an interest in conjuring, especially in conjuring the most dangerous of creatures without the proper protections.  This seems to be a specialty of the Dethebs who live south of Dalavar.  Because of the reality and reputation of these incidents, the Academy discourages any style of experimentation within its walls.  Having originally been built as a fortress to keep rival mages out, the Academy has become the focal point of its greater neighborhood with many of these experimenting mages having taken refuge just outside the walls of the great school and conducting their experiments there.

The Academy is perhaps the best location for an education in illusionary magics or alchemy.  They refuse no one.  Any student need only have the ability to cover their fees and the masters of the Academy will teach them what they want to know.  Rivals consider this dangerous, but the Academy believes that any censorship is wrong and elitist.

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