The Knights of the Grand Order of Tetrilane are the best and brightest that Myork has to offer.  All come from wealthy families who can give them the best equipment, staff and trainers.  The order was founded by Tetrilane after the epic battle that freed Helatia from Garnock.  The order’s main goal is to make the entire world a safer place.  They do this by traveling to distant lands and freeing their people from oppression.  It is the Knights of Tetrilane who typically ride out from Scaret to do battle with the Latvich troops.

The order is restricted to 120 members.  Each member must be an experienced knight and follow a strict code of conduct.  One of the less practical precepts of this code is that knights must never use a weapon that kills from afar.  In this way they must come to terms with each and every opponent they face.  Their squires are not held to this same code.

The Knights of Tetrilane are based out of Wasorik Castle north of Myork along the coast.  They also have holdings near Scaret and in the foothills of the Mountains of Purity.  Membership is quite valuable to politicians and is considered a high honor.

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