The Tellurrillo Family would in many ways be considered the second most powerful Preadomus Family in Garnock.  They had been allies of the Manzi Family and had had a seat on the Gumbaiyo Barkala then as well.  But as the Villenettis began to rise in power, the Manzis not only worked against them, but brought violence to the streets.  The Tellurrillo Family is against violence in the streets - it’s bad for business.

At no point, should they be considered pacifists, but they understand that having their soldiers and enforcers keep the peace and collecting taxes is vastly better than having those same folks guarding intersections and at risk for being jumped in the alleys.  Controlling the hotels, they took the biggest hit of all the families when the gates were locked, and many assumed this would turn them against the Villennettis, but it did not.  The Vilennettis and Nargoosos treated the Tellurrillos with respect and they worked together to get through the issues their city and the various families were in.

There are some within the Tellurrillo Family who hear stories of the old days and want to return to those.  It would be safe to say that more than half of the family is content with the status quo and will work diligently to maintain it.  Less than a quarter would consider themselves to still be somewhat loyal to the Manzi Family and might take actions to support them should they start to rise again.  The remainder would like to see the Villenettis fall and the Tellurrillos rise to the top spot.  These are the youngest “bucks” and know no different.  Given the chance, they would run the Barkala exactly as it is today, with multiple seats for the Tellurrillos and a small number of seats for some allied families.

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