The Swashbucklers are the personal guard of the Prince Governor of Brinston.  They are charged with protecting the Governor, his family, the palace, and various other “royal” buildings in the city.  (Royal is applied unevenly to various buildings, but those on the list as being royal are strictly defined, just not why they are on the list.)  They also serve as “guides” to ambassadors and other political visitors to the city.  There are typically 350-360 swashbucklers at any given time.  This is a plum assignment, and most of the swashbucklers are of lesser nobility.

There are two factions within the swashbucklers currently, typically referred to as the “Ogres” (because they are big men and often termed ugly) and the “Elves” (because they are more agile fighters and taunted as being too pretty to fight).  While these factions are rivals, they are not enemies.  Each works with the other, though they will typically try to gather better assignments for their faction - better meaning those assignments that allow them more glory and better political positioning.  Neither faction is aligned directly with the political parties in the city.  These are civil servants who believe the office of Prince Governor is too important to be belittled by their internal politics.  Their job is to defend the Prince Governor, above all else.

The Swashbucklers are an infantry troop.  As the name implies, most of them are skilled swordsmen, though some will utilize other weapons, and they will all use whatever methods are at their disposal to safeguard their charges.  As would be expected of the Governor’s royal guards, they have fancy uniforms with flowing capes and wide brimmed feathered hats.  Simply affording the uniform of a Swashbuckler would be near impossible for an average soldier, at least one without wealthy patrons.  Despite the jealous griping of other troops in Brinston, the Swashbucklers are as good as their reputations suggest.

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