Stolin was a very successful assassin in the city of Brinston.  He was frequently billed as the greatest assassin alive.  He was extremely stealthy and dealt in some of the most powerful poisons.  Despite is exceptional athletic ability, he needed to rely on magical devices and chemists for all of his gear, as he was unable to craft those himself.

Stolin was credited with many assassinations thought to be impossible.  When a nobleman would barricade himself into his mansion, it was typically Stolin who would take on the challenge of going in and killing him.  His most famous target was the wizard Phosforensiatic.  The rumors amongst the darker side of society say that Stolin was hired directly by the new Prince Governor Jasper to assassinate Phos on Skull Island.  Once Stolin succeeded, he took over Phos’ base and made it his own.  He gathered followers and planned to wipe out large numbers of elven noblemen.

Stolin was a human extremist; he believed that humans were the destined race to control the world and he wished to speed their success by eliminating non-humans of political power.  Stolin did kill humans professionally, but he often charged less for non-humans.  While planning his assaults on the Slyvanian Nation, a group of mercenaries sponsored by the elves traveled to Skull Island and defeated Stolin and his followers, including the active death cult that he had been building.

Stolin is thought by many to be dead, while others believe he is simply lying low.  In either case, the strength of his operation has been crushed and if alive, he is likely alone.

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