Southern Point Citadel began as a joint project between several of the barons from the Council of Baronies, local nobility, and the government of Scaret.  The project intended to build a defensible base at the border of the Wembic Nation.  This base would then be able to prevent the Wembic orcs from expanding their borders any further north.  Despite a sufficient amount of money for building this fortress, it has not been completed in the twelve years it has been under construction.  Early delays were caused by disagreements among the parties involved.  Later, the orcish troops from Vonastog began to harass the builders, preventing them from completing the walls.  Prince Marblud of Vonastog has vowed to never let the fortress be built, and his warriors have destroyed the partially built fortress three times.  Despite all of this, construction continues.

Often referred to as a “civil crusade” (as in a crusade without a religious driver), the citadel attracts lesser sons of some of the powerful noble families, young men eager to engage with the orcs and prove their worth.  The remnants of the disgraced Storm Knights have come to the Southern Point Citadel in hopes of atoning for what their group did in the Council of Baronies.

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