Southern Plains
Continent: Drentae (South)
Terrain: Plains
Major City: N/A

The Southern Plains are a region of plains and savannahs, most of which are kept alive by the River Fhearree and its tributaries.  The climate is tropical and frosts are extremely rare.  In summer, there can be no relief from temperatures over 100°F because there are very few trees.

The Southern Plains are home to many races including centaurs, humans, orcs, trolls and many more.  While there are some larger human settlements and even a few large centaur villages, there are no major cities in this region.

The region is considered to stretch from Dismal Swamp in the west to the Fhearree Delta in the east and from the foothills of the Gold Mountains in the north to the foothills of the Broiling Mountains in the south.  Most of the area is lawless and untamed.  Many places are still controlled by wild animals.