Continent: Drentae (SW)

Terrain: Plains

Major City: Caratok

The Sousseze (SUE ee ss) Savanna might be better classified as a steppe.  Under any name, it is a mostly dry grassland.  It does receive some rainfall, and is certainly not a desert, but lacks the level of rainfall that might classify it as true grassland.  There are very few trees found naturally.

The Sousseze Savanna is the home to the port city of Caratok.  Currently, nearly all civilization in the region is centered around this city and other coastal regions.  At one time, there was a much broader Sousseze empire based further inland.  That empire relied on irrigation built to deliver the water from the streams of the Gold Mountains.  Very few ruins remain from this once great culture, but some can be found amidst the arid wilderness.

The Soussezze Savanna reaches to the South Pot Mountains in the north and the Boundless Jungle in the south.  Its western border is the Cobblestone Sea and on the east it runs up into the foothills of the Gold Mountains.