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Small Bites is the name of the "e-zine" that we're giving to our patrons. First off, it's actually called "Build Your Fantasy World in Small Bites", so you see why we decided to shorten it. Second we put "e-zine" in quotes because it is so much more than just that. Sure, it looks like an e-zine, but it is mainly a way for us to communicate with all of you. What sections of the world matter? What style of articles are you looking for? We needed to put something out there as a base, but we're fully planning on constantly tweaking things to make it exactly what all of you are looking for!

Come on! You came this far. Wouldn't you want a gaming company willing to run itself like a radio station constantly taking requests? Well, what would you pay for that? Well, please do! Please sponsor us on Patreon. Just click on the cutie above. No really - she's mean! Do what she says! You have no idea how she gets.

Current and Planned Editions:

Want to help decide what's next? We are always bouncing questions off our patrons to make sure our schedule is on the right track. If you want to guide the schedule, join us on Patreon and expect your favorite to be coming very soon!


The Avatar of Manoto aka All About Warrior Priests

The Mercenary Vators of Myork aka All About Men-at-Arms

The Killer Crime Families of Garnock aka All About Organized Crime in Fantasy

Hoards & Other Treasures aka All About Huge Treasure Hauls

The Communist Clans of Rock Cove aka All About Dwarves

The Hoof Wars of the Hasslem Plains aka All About Equines

The Harpoon Happy Whalers of Scaret aka All About Sea Ports

The Merchant Wars of Forsbury aka All About Caravans & Cartage

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