The Shining Brotherhood is a collection of noble warriors seeking to establish generally accepted rules of engagement.  They have a respect for life, and do not wish soldiers to die needlessly in battles.  They have instituted a system of ransom values for hostages (typically 60% of the value of their equipment).  With this rule, it is hoped that prisoners will be returned to their families after reasonably humane treatment.

Many of the Brotherhood’s rules of engagement are basic to this type of group.  Assassination is completely immoral.  Surrender should be accepted, and only offered in good faith.  Civilians should do everything possible to avoid the field of battle, and if they do so, should be left alone.  Anyone on the field of battle should be held to the same rules.  Medics and healers should remove the wounded from the field and then ply their trade.  Those obviously designated as medics and healers should not be attacked.

The Brotherhood also has many odd rules, which its members argue over, typically making them more complicated.  The rules concerning battles on religious holidays have probably caused the most disagreements.  The Brotherhood is based out of Fyllundiun Castle north of Myork.

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