There is a legendary (among the elves) city known as Selu Mantatu or Home of the Warriors’ Pride. The legend of Selu Mantatu is that the people of that city were fierce warriors who had perfectly matched magic and combat. So fierce and capable were these warriors that all other races stayed out of the Slyvanian Forest and left the elves in peace. The warriors are typically depicted as wearing animal skins and carrying beast master style totems and such. The city was destroyed by a hurricane, though many of the warriors are assumed to have escaped to the forest. With the destruction of their city, they spread through the forest teaching the craft to all elves they encountered, thus the pride and the power of the Selu Mantatu warriors runs through the blood of every elf.

Some human historians have postulated that Selu Mantatu is not on the western coast of the Slyvanian Forest, but instead on the eastern coast of Koaluckssie. The elves obviously argue that the humans know nothing of elven history, but the elven calendar has been proven to be misleading, so how much more of elven history is? The site assumed by the elves to be Selu Mantatu clearly could not house more than 8,000-10,000 people, while Selu Mantatu was said to be the home of 45,000-50,000 elves.

Who is telling the truth? Does anyone even know the truth? Are the ruins a key to the answer? and what about the slavery angle? Are the elves guilty of using centaur and minotaur slaves?