Scaret is one of the last of the major ports for Drentae.  Due to its location, it is the major port for the major cities of Hughijen, except for Purity (which typically trades with Helatia).  Geographically, Scaret is a low, coastal plain.  With the frequent rainfall from the ocean, it is one of the lushest farming regions in the world.  While the terrain and people are most similar to Ireland (red hair, freckles, etc.), politically it is caught in a cold war.  Three major militaries are all using the regions around Scaret as a testing ground.  Though no major battles are fought, the knights of Myork (Scaret’s official allies), the orcs of the Wembic Empire, and the lesser nobles of Garnock would all like to claim pieces of the farmland for themselves.

The city of Scaret is shaped like an “omega” (Ω) with the “bottom opening” facing east out to sea.  The “legs” are effectively quays.  They are fully paved and effectively two miles long (each) and about a mile across.  The city is shaped like an omega because it is built around Scaret Bay.  The bay is roughly 1.4 miles across, while the city surrounding it (at least the walled parts) are closer to 3 miles in diameter.

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