Revolution City is a small, coastal town between Chulme and Myork.  The town’s location makes it questionable as to whether it is in Myork’s territory or Chulme’s.  The town was built to flaunt this “no-man’s land”.  Its founders believed themselves outside both governments’ authority.  In its history, Myork military units have set the town ablaze three times.

Revolution City has become less of a pirates’ den and more of a relatively normal coastal town.  By not taunting the Angles government, the people of Revolution City have been able to live in peace for more than 60 years.  Revolution City is considered the last region that can support agriculture before the soil and the weather turn too much towards the desert region to the east.  This agriculture allows the town to supply ocean going vessels with fresh food and fresh water.  Some timber is harvested in the area, but not enough to support a ship building industry.  Ships often dock to make repairs, but there are no expansive boat yards.

While the town has begun to alter its reputation, it is still the home port for various pirates and criminals.  The most famous of these is Captain Silas Instango.  Captain Instango lives a double life.  On the seas, he is a ruthless pirate plundering merchant ships that sail through the region.  On land, he is a kind-hearted, philanthropist who serves as an unofficial mayor for Revolution City.  This attitude is common among the pirates.  They see their plundering as a job and act as normal family men when at home.  They avoid Anglic ships, and therefore avoid bringing down the wrath of Myork’s navy.