Deep in the jungles around the Dismal Swamp, there is an odd little frog.  These frogs have sticky skins which get stickier when wet.  Their skins are used in the crafting of weapon hilts, making the weapon less likely to slip from one’s grasp.  (-20 to disarm and 20% chance of not dropping on a weapon drop fumble.)  The skin cracks in cold weather, making it useless.  There is an odd feel to a quibgig handle, and it takes some time to become familiar with it.  The amount of water is insignificant.  They become sticky when there is humid air through a downpour.  These skins are expensive in northern climates, but not so much in southern.  The quibgig frogs’ tongues are even stickier and are used in chemical and alchemical glues.

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