There is a legendary (among the elves) city known as Selu Mantatu or Home of the Warriors’ Pride.  The legend of Selu Mantatu is that the people of that city were fierce warriors who had perfectly matched magic and combat.  So fierce and capable were these warriors that all other races stayed out of the Slyvanian Forest and left the elves in peace.  The warriors are typically depicted as wearing animal skins and carrying beast master style totems and such.  The city was destroyed by a hurricane, though many of the warriors are assumed to have escaped to the forest.  With the destruction of their city, they spread through the forest teaching the craft to all elves they encountered, thus the pride and the power of the Selu Mantatu warriors runs through the blood of every elf.

The fact that the city has never been found does not discourage the legend.  The hurricane is assumed to have washed the entire city into the ocean.  The reason the city has never been found is because it is on the Monster Continent.  The city of Selu Mantatu was one of the strongest fortress cities of the ancient elves.  When a hurricane damaged their defenses, they decided they needed to find a safer place to live.  It was explorers from Selu Mantatu that established the first colonies in the Slyvanian Forest.  It is also explorers from Selu Mantatu that were captured by the titans.  Not only were these warriors skilled in battle and beast mastery, but they captured “beastman” slaves.  When they set up colonies in the Slyvanian Forest, they quickly brought centaurs, satyrs and minotaurs (all domesticated) with them.  Compared to their homeland, the untamed Slyvanian Forest was a garden paradise.

There is a ruined fortress city on the shore of the Slyvanian Forest, but this “city” could not have contained more than 8,000 people.  Selu Mantatu was said to have a population of between 45,000 and 50,000.  This ruin is one of the main landing sites from which parties set off to tame the Slyvanian Forest.  The elves have damaged the site in an effort to mask the fact that there were slave pens here.

There is no question amongst the elves - They believe that they continue to live in their ancestral homelands of the Slyvanian Forest.  Some of their kind did move to the Circle Forest, but even these announce that their homeland is the Slyvanian Forest.  And yet there are some historical factors proving that the Fairie Races, including the elves, came from the continent of Koaluckssie.  The elves will admit that there were some elven slaves amongst the titans on Baelyndit, but the elves claim that these were rare explorers that were captured, and these rare individuals explain any oddities of elves supposedly from Koaluckssie.

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