Population Movements

The current generation has experienced two major population movements.

1) Parnania to Forsbury - Parnania was once the capital of the Central Plains, but after being captured in 626 and held until 654, first by Garnock and then by the Wembic orcs, the urban populations and some of the rural folk have been moving south. This is after Villai was sacked in 616 and many of their humans moved west to Parnania. While the entire Council of Baronies has received increased populations due to the shifts, the city of Forsbury has received the largest number of people, mainly due to its being the biggest city in the Baronies. The Baronies have absorbed this influx easily, though it has slightly reduced the pasture lands.

2) Lympeid to Masse Bykond - Lympeid has always been plagued by droughts and failing wells, but after years of good rains, the weather shifted, causing refugee movements in search of good wells. Then in 653, a massive earthquake followed by several major aftershocks brought catastrophe to the region. Many of the inhabitants fled the region, seeking to find safer shelter on the continent of Drentae. (Many of these refugees have become slaves.) Others sought to move north to the wetter regions around Masse Bykond. While Masse Bykond was not truly ready to receive the number of refugees that it did, many have started to pioneer in the hills west of the capital. The inflows are very recent and the region is still reasonably chaotic, but it looks like the expansion of civilization west will likely work out.