Parpheneus was a priest of Manoto in or near Helatia.  A giant sea monster had been plaguing the port city and greatly interfering with the sea trade.  Parpheneus was visited with a dream from Manoto.  He was instructed to go out into the woods and climb a tree.  There he would wait and do battle with a dragon.  Fearing for his life but faithful to his god, Parpheneus left on the trip.  He saw a huge oak tree and knew this was the right spot.  Parpheneus slept in the tree for three days when he was awoken by the tree shaking.  A dragon had coiled itself around the tree and was attempting to crush the tree so as to bring Parpheneus down to ground level where he could be eaten.  Parpheneus thought the dragon quite stupid and taunted the dragon for his futile attempts.  For three more days, the dragon crushed the giant oak in its coils, until the tree had been squeezed into a thin pole.

Parpheneus was concerned that the dragon would eventually accomplish his goal, so he armed himself with his spear and prepared to do battle.  Just as the tree was about to fall, Parpheneus leapt from the tree and drove his spear into the back of the dragon’s head.  The dragon struggled mightily, but it was exhausted from having just squeezed the tree for three days.  Parpheneus clung to his spear and continued to work it into the dragon’s head.  Eventually the dragon died, but Parpheneus’ spear was ruined from the acidic blood of the dragon.

Manoto again visited Parpheneus in a dream and told him to craft the tree trunk (now a thin pole) and the dragon’s fangs into a harpoon.  Parpheneus did as he was told hammering the fangs into the shape of a harpoon tip.  With this weapon, he returned to Helatia and took passage on a ship.  Parpheneus and his crew sailed for three days until they were attacked by the sea monster, a giant armored narwhale.  Parpheneus threw his harpoon into the creature’s head and then leapt on.  The creature was unable to free itself from the barbed harpoon, and Parpheneus slew the creature in less than an hour.  The crew saved Parpheneus from drowning as the creature went down.    Upon returning to Helatia, Parpheneus gave his spear to the temple in case another sea monster should ever need to be slain.  It hangs behind the altar in a smaller temple to Manoto in Helatia’s dock district.

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