The Pantobo Watchers are a troop sponsored by a group of organizations.  Chief among the group are the Pantoboccilious Family, a noble family controlling lands north east of the city of Garnock.  At one time, the unit was all theirs, but difficult times have caused them to sell off lands and not be able to field 1,000 soldiers at any given time.  So they worked with their wealthiest neighbors and together they all support the troop.

The Watchers are a bit different than some other units with multiple sponsors.  Rather than truly being a troop of 1,000 soldiers, they are a compilation of four units:  one of 400 soldiers and three of 200 soldiers each.  The Pantoboccilious Family sponsors 400, while each of the other three participants field 200 apiece.

In addition to the noble family, the Watchers are supported by the Capprelli Family who own a large leather working operation, the Cassodovu Family who are vintners and wine merchants, and the Castamugnunio Family who are millers and pasta makers.  The four family groups get along surprisingly well, and they have not yet had a serious disagreement as to how their representatives should vote in the Conclave.

The original Pantobo emblem was the family’s crest showing three silver circles arranged in a pyramid on a blue field.  This was intended to represent the Watchers’ shields and show how the Watchers were always intended as a defensive unit.  With the joining of the other three families, three “C”s were added across the bottom of the field to show the inclusion of the others.

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