The Order of the Thicket was established as a “defense” against the elves of the Circle Forest.  The elves and Myork have long been rivals and even in open warfare over the many centuries.  To protect Myork’s northern border, the Order of the Thicket was established.

The most important factor for these knights and soldiers is that they are encouraged to use defensive magics.  No other Anglic troop is encouraged to learn any magic, though magic is allowed for battle mages and other support units.  Here, most soldiers know at least a minor defensive trick, while many knights are using more established counter magics, be they enchantments or spells.  This also means that many of the Order’s knights are not wearing steel armor, though they often attempt to use something that looks like “standard” armor, such as boiled leather plates or scales.

The Order rarely gets into skirmishes with the elves, as the elves avoid contact.  As they are intended to be a defensive unit, they are not permitted to cross the borders unless they are pursuing an enemy.  They are more commonly pursuing poachers and other minor criminals, both human and elven.

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