The Brothers of the Order of the Divine Rampart, or Ramparters, are a teaching group dedicated to Manoto, god of war.  They were founded about 60 years ago and are a relatively young organization.  Based out of the Bastion of the Divine Rampart, this group builds and staffs schools throughout the areas between Rhum, Snobist and Helatia.  The areas where the sect has taken off are typically a mix of the Rhoric and Xandrian society.

The Ramparters will typically come to a mid-sized town and offer to teach at a school, if the town will help them build one.  The Ramparter will then set up shop and teach reading&writing, some mathematics and bookkeeping, and martial skills.  The schools are for boys ages 10-15.  Classes are typically from noon to dusk in order to allow the boys to finish their chores in the morning and be home for dinner.  Half the time is spent in studies and the other half in practice drills.  Each boy will learn wrestling and boxing, but they will also be taught a weapon.  Each Ramparter will teach the weapon(s) he is most familiar with, and spears and bows are the most common.

Once the school has established itself, the boys will also begin building a rampart around the town.  Often this work will be described as a project to keep the boys busy and improve their strength and feelings of community.  This is certainly part of the project, but the ramparts are also being erected to slow down the centaur warlords and other regional bandits.  The centaurs are seen (by the Order) as the biggest threat to the general area, and they need to be contained.  By training young boys and men and by providing a rampart, the Ramparters feel they are helping to make these towns much more difficult to attack, thus discouraging the centaurs from preying on them.

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