The Order of the Bastion is a unit of knights and soldiers within the confines of the city of Myork.  While originally established as a fairly standard policing unit, they have developed into a unit of detectives.  In order that they can search out evils and crimes within the city, they have been given a special mandate that allows them to violate certain established privacy laws that most citizens of Myork expect and rely on.  This has given them the reputation of being a “secret police” unit, ready to break in on any criminal activity, real or imagined.

In truth, the Order of the Bastion takes the privacy and rights of the citizens of Myork very seriously.  They fear having their mandate taken away and in some cases are more careful and cautious than other units.  But when it comes to acting against those who are not citizens of Myork, the Order of the Bastion is a break down the door first and ask question later (if at all) kind of unit.  They have a few mentalists  within their unit and will use mentalism as an investigative tool, but very few of the powerful folks in Myork are comfortable with using mentalism, especially when it appears to be toying with someone’s mind, even a criminal’s.

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