The last few ruling tribes of the Wembic Empire have been cavalry related military organizations.  For this reason, ambassadors and other visitors do not understand how important dance is to the orcish culture.

Among the orcish tribes, dance is used to teach a number of things.  The dances (like hula) tell stories, passing on the heritage of the tribe.  Memorizing dance steps and choreography help to improve the minds of the children and young adults.  Dance is used as exercise and teaches discipline to the orcish infantry warriors.

Orcish dance is a series of stamping moves.  It includes some arm movements, especially banging instruments or spears into shields.  Chanting is often included as well.  When two tribes appear on the battle field, they will often begin to dance before the battle is joined.  It can be very intimidating to look across the battle field and see a perfectly disciplined army stamping and chanting in unison.  Less trained armies will have to wonder:  If they are that well trained in the dance moves, how well trained are they in melee?  Like two elk threatening each other during mating season, this threat of dominance is understood by the opposing army and has ended battles before they began.

Perhaps most interesting and mysterious is the orcish spell dancing.  These same cultures that use dance to train soldiers and teach lessons have other ceremonial dances.  These dances are often performed by the women and children for religious purposes and if the tribe is under attack.  Many scholars believe these dances are a form of magic, and that the dance itself grants benefits to the tribal warriors while they are in battle.  The more dancers, the more power.  This leads to serious concerns amongst the orcs’ enemies.  What if the entire nation of orcish women were to perform a single ceremonial dance?  Would they be able to grant their warriors invulnerability?

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