Barrier Ocean

West of Drentae is the Barrier Ocean serving as a “barrier” between Drentae and the Monster Continent.  At its southern edge, the Barrier Ocean meets the Boiling Sea.  Various map makers differ on the boundary, but as the choppy waters of the Barrier calm in the Boiling Sea’s undercurrents, most sailors can identify the change.  The northern border is the Frozen Sea.  This boundary changes with the ice flows.  While ice bergs do float in the Barrier Ocean, the ice cap itself is the Frozen Sea.


The Ocean Semphesteus separates Drentae from Hughijen.  Named for an ancient Tandish god, it is most often referred to simply as Semphesteus.  It is the most traveled ocean in the world, carrying traders back and forth between the two closest continents.

Boiling Sea

The Boiling Sea surrounds Sulnuun separating it from the other continents.  It also touches the other oceans except for the Frozen Sea.  The Boiling Sea is known for its calm surface and treacherous undercurrents.  It is also known for its deadly calms that prevent sailing ships from grabbing enough wind to move.

Frozen Sea

The Frozen Sea grows in the winter and shrinks in the summer.  It is the permanent ice cap covering the North Pole and ocean beneath it.  During harsh winters it has been known to touch the northern tip of Hughijen, thus creating a bridge of sorts between Drentae and Hughijen.

Ocean Unknown

Perhaps the least explored ocean of the world, the Ocean Unknown separates the Monster Continent from the Great Archipelago.  Barely touched or crossed by ships, this ocean is dominated by various species of whales.

Ocean Mysterious

The Ocean Mysterious separates the Great Archipelago from Hughijen.  Containing the Quassim Islands and others, those seeking to explore the Great Archipelago are advised to travel this way.

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