In the Mountains of Purity above the city of Purity, there is a prison built by the titans but staffed by the human Tandish people.  Originally built to house some of the monsters that ravished the region, it was later expanded to house poachers who have made attacks against the unicorns of the nearby Hasslem Plains.

This means that the prison houses both monsters, like dragons, as well as humans.  This causes many issues in handling the logistics of the prison.  Huge shipments of whale meat and blubber are brought for the monsters, while other foods are necessary for the human prisoners and the staff.  Not surprisingly, there is a well-established road up the side of the mountain to the prison.

There is a major debate in the region about the ethics of locking up dragons for eating humans.  Some believe it is wrong not to execute the dragons, but instead to keep them alive in the prison.  Others feel that imprisoning dragons for doing “what they do” is wrong.  Debate societies have hosted this debate multiple times, but the populace remains split on the right answer.

At high noon of Elightel 6, 654, an enormous explosion occurred at Neya Jyleaighea Prison.  Rumors and stories hit every wild angle, but the authorities have refused to give the true details of the incident.  The explosion was so massive that it was heard over 200 miles away in the city of Purity.  It triggered an avalanche, and there seems to have been at least a few prisoners who escaped, though the authorities swear that there are no escapees, though their statement would also be true if they had succeeded in recapturing those who escaped.

As of yet, no one knows what caused the explosion or why it occurred when it did.  The chances of this happening right at noon are nearly impossible, though the culprits are unknown.

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