Located on the delta itself is Brinston's naval harbor.  Given the responsibility of patrolling the river and the ocean near it, Brinston's navy is feared by pirates and attackers.  The harbor is actually a fortress built upon a stable island in the delta.  This is also the site of the dredging ships used to keep the river's mouth clear of silt and debris.

The Brinston Naval Harbor is located on an island in the Elebher delta.  It was placed out here to prevent land betrayal.  Huge sea walls were built to create a fortress jutting out of the water.

The island has a light house and a fortress.  The fortress towers are filled with artillery.  Everything was built without the use of magic, in an effort to prevent magic from easily bringing it down.  The dredging ships are kept in this harbor as is about two-thirds of the naval fleet.  Dredging of this harbor is done every other year.  It is not a big problem because the fortress is open to the west, away from the flow of the Elebher.

The island is roughly heart shaped with two long walls leaving it to the west.  These walls then turn towards each other to narrow the entryway.

The Brinston Navy has begun experimenting with diving bells.  They are practicing how to refresh the air within them.