Built directly on the Elebher River, the city of Nanerette appears to be afloat in the river's wash. As the major trade point for transferring cargo from the river to land based transports, Nanerette enjoys a limited version of Brinston's trade wealth.

Nanerette is sandwiched between the elven capital upriver and Brinston the trade capital down river. As such, the inhabitants are not only the local Marils, but some from Brisnton, and many elves as well. In addition, the underground elves, the Aldar, have begun to exert some influences on the city as well. As a ferry point and center for trade, Nanerette has expanded its hospitality industry including countless inns, taverns, and casinos. All these passing travelers and often seedy industries have had an impact on the city, and its moral health is quite questionable.

The centralized government of Nanerette is not centralized at all, but instead a large group of locally elected aldermen, each looking to benefit his own neighborhood at the detriment of his neighbors. This chaotic governing body will keep this seeming economic giant from ever becoming a major player in the region.