Myork is the largest human city on Hughijen by a small margin, but the Anglic civilization clearly boasts the largest population on that continent.  Inland of the capital city are huge tracts of plains and open farmland.  Cereals grow much farther than the eye can see, supporting the people and their livestock.  The weather is warm, but very pleasant (similar to San Francisco).  Culturally they are similar to the British Isles during the Arthurian legends.

Myork is a major trading port, but the Angle people do not tend to look to the sea for careers.  Most of the non-military sailors in Myork are Bortens from the city state of Scaret across the Anglic Straits.  As this is the narrowest stretch of sea between the two closest continents, it is the most traveled sea lane in the world.

Centuries ago, the navy of the city-state of Caratok burned the harbor of Myork to prevent the Angles from becoming involved in a war on Drentae.  Ever since then, the architects of Myork have designed and maintained stone and concrete docks and harbors throughout the city.  Though vastly more expensive, no one is going to be able to damage the port of Myork ever again.

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