The ancient conjurer of Weqsertanc, Msessrull, crafted two arm bands with two halves of a magical stone on them.  When the two stones were rubbed together and the proper chants used, the user would summon the powerful earth spirit Xonkxtrect.  Xonkxtrect is the spirit believed to be responsible for the earthquake that did so much damage recently in Lympeid.  It is also believed that he/it may have been responsible for the sinking of Weqsertanc centuries ago.  Because of the known existence of these bands, many question whether Msessrull and/or his bands have anything to do with the ruin of that culture.

The bands can be used by either a conjurer or an earth (or master) elementalist.  While the bands do act in some fashion as a talisman and add to the caster’s power, the caster must have at least six power levels to use the bands.  While this seems to be near the limit that humans have achieved, magical environments (including temporary ones) will aid the caster.  This means that under the right conditions, a caster of seemingly “average” capabilities could use the bands.  (It is believed that a conjuring familiar would assist, but that the familiar would not be able to hold an additional talisman.)

So what happens if someone uses the bands?  No living person knows.  It is theorized that either Xonkxtrect would appear in his true form (thought to be a 600’ tall rock giant) or that he appears deep underground and begins to cause massive earthquakes in the region.  Though many magical universities are aware of the bands and may even teach their students about them, the bands have not been seen in well over a dozen centuries.  It is believed that some organization bent on preventing mages from dominating society stole the bands from where they held in Rimmim and hid them away.  18 known expeditions to find the bands have been launched since they were stolen, but none were successful; at least none are believed to have been successful.

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