Deep in the Boundless Jungle, not too far from the ocean is Mozumbo Home, a major city and capital of the Mozumbo tribe.  The Mozumbo tribe learned mining (first of copper, then iron) early on.  They have always been superior to their enemies in technology and have built a huge city.  There are rumors of this city, but no one believes that the nomadic Turgors have a major city hidden in the jungle and that they are probably as technologically advanced as the dwarves.  The Mozumbos will sacrifice any non-Turgors who see their city (and several tribes of Turgors as well).  Sacrificing usually consists of roasting over a bonfire while cutting off pieces and feeding them to the fire that represents the gods.  Priests and leaders partake of ritual cannibalism as well.  They do not eat the meat of their enemies as a source of food nor to gain power over them (the Mozumbos have never faced an enemy that could match them).  They eat the meat that is being sacrificed so that they can be more like their gods. 

Well-armed sentry units are hidden everywhere in the jungle.  The typical defense is to build a small stone fort and then encourage the jungle to grow over it, camouflaging it from everyone.  Roads are few and well-guarded due to small rivers filled with dangerous fish and thick jungles that resist cutting.  They trade for salt and preserved foods, but they have a huge city that grows most of its own food (along with the major hunting expeditions).  The king is an autocrat.  As such, he has been taught the failure of expanding the kingdom, because then lesser lords begin to defy the king.  This has happened several times in the tribe’s history, so they stay together as one major city.  

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