Hello and welcome to you.  I am Madame Margellitta, of the Feywhensun Family.  My people call me a Wise Whisperer, but you would probably call me a fortuneteller.  I can see into the heart and a little bit into the future, but my knowledge is far broader than that.

Unlike Pontiff Breshner of Parnania, who only understands the gods of his religion, I know far more.  I understand the gods and their interactions, but I also see the spirits and how they manage to survive and prosper without drawing the wrath of the gods.  I am also unbiased, owing no amount of my life’s energy to any spirit or divinity.

Come closer, let me tell you of the gods, of the spirits, and how they all work to inflict help or harm on our world.  Some of the legends may seem fanciful, but I tell you they are all true.

Kugington’s Commentary - Margellitta proves that life is best when lived.  Like so many of the Yugsilanti, she appears far younger than she is, and everyone is astonished when they learn that this handsome lass has borne six children.  Not only is she one of the most accurate fortunetellers among her people, but she has the shupush, the gift of seeing spirits.  I am thrilled to call her a friend, for she would be a scary enemy.

Margellitta will be able to tell us all about the magic of the world of Fletnern

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