This entire wiki site is dedicated to sharing our game world of Fletnern, so this introduction is going to be held to a bare minimum.  Please utilize the links within the various adventure pages to learn more about where you are and what might be going on around you.  If you like this story/adventure - please consider sponsoring us through Patreon!  Not only will you support us while we create new content, but you will be able to help us choose what content to develop - No, really!  We want you to tell us what you want to see, and we'll work towards fulfilling your wishes.  We really want you to be involved in the process!  We want you to help us build a massive fantasy world, or at least we want to help you build your own!

Forsbury is a crossroads, in fact it has long been referred to as a "depot town".  They call it that because wagon trains roll into Forsbury, spend a couple of days offloading some stuff and loading other stuff, and then roll out of town again.  They say nothing is ever made in Forsbury but deals, and it is pretty lacking in manufacturers.  But it is loaded to the gills with warehouses and merchants!

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