The Lover’s Sorrow is a ghost ship that sails the Barrier Ocean.  It will appear out of the dark or fog and pull up to the side of another ship.  The ghost ship will typically fade within a few minutes, but the fright of its appearance often lasts a lifetime.  While visible, the ship is intangible.  There is but a single passenger on board, the captain Lumob (Loomo).  He will scan the ship, then as he shakes his head in sadness, the ship fades from sight.

As the story goes, Lumob’s wife was kidnapped from Sambrek Island by demons from the sea.  He gathered his crew into his small yacht and set out to find her.  After many trials, which they endured, their food ran out.  Being so far from Sambrek, they decided to push on in hopes of making it to the Archipelago and finding supplies there.  One by one the crew died.  Finally, Lumob was alone and dying of thirst.  He offered a prayer to the spirit of the sea and the spirit of the endless sky, and by miracle, received rain.  He captured as much as he could and sailed on.  After many years of fishing and sailing, he finally died and now sails on as a ghost, eternally searching for his lost love.

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