The Knights of the Divine Quest is a semi-secret, semi-religious order.  The Order is dedicated to various gods of battle, especially those associated with strategy and tactics, but its distribution across the world changes the names of these gods by region.

The Divine Quest is the quest to unite the entire world under a centralized government.  This utopia would eliminate war, bring prosperity through trade, and advance both the physical and mystic sciences.  The style of this one world government has not yet been completely determined, but it is assumed to be a representative system based on free elections.

Currently, Rhum and Myork are both secretly controlled by members of the Quest.  Both Lord Mayor Stephen and Prince Darrin are members, as are several of their backers and advisors.  Neither of these men may move in drastic ways, but they are influencing their people and their allies.  It is believed that Purity may also be controlled, but not directly.  Brinston’s noble houses contain several members, but they have been ineffective in combating the rampant greed which controls Brinston’s politics.

Members seek to infiltrate local governments and then influence the governments to work together with their neighbors.  Often, political leaders will be asked to join, but only if they are accomplished warriors who can be trusted to keep the Quest's secret.  Members can signal each other through secret hand signs, allowing them to identify each other.  Knights of the Divine Quest have pledged to leave the field of battle before doing battle with each other.

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