One of the more legendary (but still real) whalers of Fletnern is Khonsifer.  Khonsifer is a titan, and likely one of the most successful whalers in the world.  He had studied various species of whale and has some of the most accurate whale migration charts in the world, including references to alterations in the migration patterns due to unusual weather patterns.

Khonsifer is a skilled engineer and each of his whale boats is equipped with harpoon throwing ballistae.  They are able to do this because his whale boats are much large than would be standard for human sized whalers.  With himself as the harpooner and giants at the oars, they are able to give chase like no other crew.  But he is also a skilled chemist and has mastered such skills and tanning nearly intact whale skins and fermenting whale meat and blubber to properly preserve it for long periods of time.

Khonsifer claims that he hunts whales strictly to provide food for the titan communities, but he also trades his products with the peoples of eastern Hughijen.  He has also been known to intentionally go after specific whales (typically more aggressive) or even sea monsters.  He does this for the challenge of it, but claims that he is simply doing good deeds for the sailing community of the world.

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