The Kaettscher Movement was started in 640 by Liam Michael Parchmentprinter, a Borten navigator.  During his travels, he visited Purity several times.  Being a navigator out of Scaret, he was trained by the priests of Marina, so he had some knowledge of her religions, though he was not a priest.  He was struck by all the similarities between the Drentae religions and the Purity religions.  He was an educated man and did some research and began talking to the priests and scholars in Purity.  He came to believe that the Purity version was the more true religion having come more directly from history.

While he doesn’t necessarily believe that the Drentae versions of the religion are false, he believes that the Purity versions are more correct.  He returned to Scaret thinking that he could begin a group of similarly minded people who would talk about religion and discuss the ramifications of what he found; perhaps advance his findings with more learnings.  But as people began to understand what he was saying, he was ostracized.  The people of Scaret, especially the religious, saw his story as blasphemous. What they heard him saying was that they were all fools who had grown away from their gods and that they needed to listen to him in order to get back on the right track.  While that was not what he intended to say, he as smart man but a poor communicator, and his temper worked against him.

Despite the organized religions working against him, Liam did gather some followers.  Eventually they needed to leave Scaret, so they moved to Helatia where they found a far more accepting culture.  In Helatia, the Movement grew.  Liberal minds flocked to his way of thinking and adopted his sense of curiosity. 

Liam died in 651, but the Movement has survived him and perhaps grown stronger not having the firebrand as its leader.  Liam’s death was reported as due to natural causes, but there are many theories that he was assassinated in some manner.

While “kaettscher” translates roughly to “open minded” (from Tandish), it is now believed to mean “heretic” on the continent of Drentae.  In Helatia, members are reasonably free of prejudice and ostracism, outside the city, members would do well to keep their affiliation quiet.  As conflicts between the Dinsthain religions of Drentae and the Jemmistake religions of Myork increase, most people of Drentae will equate the Kaettscher Movement as being part of the Jemmistake religions since both Purity and Myork are both on Hughijen.  This is not at all the case as the Kaettscher members still worship the Dinsthain gods, but the common man will not understand that.

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