The Knights of Issac the Martyr are dedicated to the service of the god Jassper, patron of cities.  Issac was a sergeant of the guard in a town between Helatia and Snobist.  His town was attacked by barbarian raiders from the north, but he refused to leave his post.  Although outnumbered and wounded, he continued to fight on, until eventually with sundown, the raiders retreated.  Reinforcements arrived eventually, but not until after Issac had died of his wounds.

The Order of Issac the Martyr was established to pay tribute to the honorable profession of city guards.  Most of its members are nominated as an honorarium, and few of the members are devoutly dedicated to Jassper.  One of the main uses of the Order is to grant title to city guard commanders, so that they can join the ranks of the lesser nobility.

The order does hold a small keep in the fjords north of Helatia.  All members are required to make a pilgrimage to this keep shortly after they have been knighted.  (They are also expected to bring a gift, typically donated by the ruler who knighted them.)  The assumption this implies is true:  a member of the order need not be involved in the knighting of a person into the order of Issac the Martyr.  Any ruler has the ability to perform this ceremony.  The order does have the right to refuse members upon their pilgrimage or for a lack of a pilgrimage.  Knights of Issac the Martyr wear a bronze medallion in the shape of a small tower with two ribbons (pink and purple) hanging from it.

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