The Island of Mussvyntur is an odd place in the Great Archipelago.  A small island no more than a quarter mile across, this island moves at a very slow rate through the archipelago.  The island has rocky shores and a small hill at its center.  Thick vegetation covers the island with a stand of palm trees towards the center.  There is no pattern to the island’s movement.  It seems to wander without purpose.

The island is in reality the top of an earth golem’s head.  Created by a careless titan millennia ago, this simple creature walks the ocean floor.  It has grown to such an enormous size that its head sticks out of the water as it wanders throughout the archipelago.  While the creature was at one time self-aware, it has slipped into a peaceful state similar to sleep.  This less than conscious state causes it to wander into underwater hills and valleys causing damage to the body and island from time to time.  The golem continues to grow, but damage done during its walk counteracts the growth.  Its enormous body moves slowly through the water, typically not moving more than 60-70’ in a day.

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