Huy Vandonte - "Entertainments are Us"

At the north-east edge of the Slyvanian Forest (not too far north of the mouth of the Elebher River) is an aldar hotel.  Only one level of this hotel is above ground.  There are many levels underground, including the guest rooms.  Each level below ground pertains to some type of pleasure or entertainment.  As the levels go deeper, so does the depravity of the pleasure.

The top most level is the hotel offices.  Below this is a fabulous casino.  Next deeper is a music hall with live dancing girl stage shows and extravaganzas.  This level also contains restaurants and lounges.  Beneath this are auditoriums where the most sensational magics are used to create illusions and other entertainment.  Next down is an arena with gladiators of all races.  The bottom two levels are given over to sexual perversions.

Each auditorium has two levels of balconies.  Each balcony is attached to a suite of rooms that can be rented as a normal guest suite.  The floor level of the auditoriums (other than the dance hall level) are typically only for aldar, but non-aldar can rent the suites.  This would be the best way for non-humans to view the more decadent levels.  A non-aldar on the floor of the lower auditoriums would be in danger.

The aldar cartel that runs the hotel is called Huy Vandonte, effectively "Entertainments are Us".  They are almost exclusively involved in the entertainment fields.  This hotel is their crowning glory, and they are considering moving their cartel's headquarters here.

Throughout the hotel aldar, Slyvanian and Marilick are spoken.  Anyone expected to speak with customers will have the ability to speak all of these languages.

Some of the guests are permanent residents.  They either are so wealthy that they can afford to stay, while their businesses remain sending the money in or they are such good gamblers that they can afford to stay.  These professional gamblers often make their bets with other guests to avoid irritating the cartel.

An entire army full of warriors and wizards are contained within the hotel.  They guard the treasury and insure that the guests are well taken care of.  Led by Keissel the Wyrm, a powerful wizard in dragon scale armor.  Skilled in combat and magic, he is considered one of the most despicable combatants in the world, and therefore one of the most deadly.  He is of course backed by the most powerful magic items.  Mages wander the complex dressed as customers, ready to defend or enforce the laws.

The hotel has the best in food, entertainment, physical bodies and more.

Aldar Cartels

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